The Next Chapter ...
Monday 6th December 2021

Why I’m doing this, I’m not too sure. I suppose it’s a way to hold myself accountable. A way to see growth while sharing the journey.
We get presented with difficult situations and obstacles through our life. This is a sign that we have become comfortable and change has to happen in order for us to grow. In light of a recent break-up it has made me realise how much I try to find my own happiness in others. Looking at this event as a lesson; It’s taught me how I need to find love for myself , before I can go looking for it else where.
If we aren’t comfortable being alone. If we don’t truly love ourselves, a partner will always fill in these missing pieces. If we can learn how to be fully comfortable and love ourselves; no matter who walks in and out of our life’s we will never feel like we loose a part of ourselves.
Currently I’m on this journey and it’s strange and uncomfortable. It’s not easy but if it was, it probably wouldn’t be worth it.
It’s about self-love, finding joy in the little moments and pushing through barriers to achieve my own goals.
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